The God Collective Network

Jesus said that everyone would know true followers of Jesus by how we love another. (John 13:35) The God Collective was created with the purpose of churches coming alongside other churches to encourage and support them in reaching their communities with God's love and hope. Each of the churches we partner with may be different, but our love for God and our neighbors is the same.

Why become a part of the God Collective Network?

  • Feel stuck and you're looking for new and innovative ways to reach people for Jesus?
  • Just starting as a new church and would like extra support and direction?
  • Feel led to encourage and build relationships with churches in your area?
  • Currently in between pastors?
  • Looking for resources and help in using digital media to reach the world?
  • Want access to powerful, life-giving messages that can be used on Sundays?

Benefits of being a God Collective Network Church

  • Cost is...wait for it...ZERO! This network is part of our call for unity in the global church
  • Weekly, life-giving messages streamed in real-time to your traditional, satellite, or home church as you need them
  • Monthly support time for prayer, visioning, and encouragement
  • Facebook group and other opportunities to connect and share ideas with other pastors in the network

Think the Collective could be right for you?